Our Olive oil


The “Biscotti” extra virgin olive oil is produced from the Ogliarola Garganica olive, growing in most parts of

the National parc Gargano, northern Puglia – ITALY, where this oil is produced since 1949 from the family Biscotti.


Raffaele Biscotti started the production in 1949, acquiring more professional knowledge from year to year,

in order to bring the product to the highest standards of quality.


Since 2002 Giuseppe Biscotti took over the business, in accordance with the same principles of production.

Olive oil has always been a passion and a tradition in our family. Now it's Pierluigi Biscotti keeping it alive.


The olive trees which are used for the production come all from the region and are not mixed with any others, furthermore there are all proper fields.


The harvesting takes place from October until December. During the harvesting period the “new Oil” or

“Novello” is produced, where olive oil is bottled and sold immediately after it is made – It has a fruity and

lively flavour with vegetal notes clearly present and its strong taste, slightly spicy and bitter in the end,

give the “new Oil” all its originality. It is turbid.


The oil which is not sold as Novello, needs to be decanted or filtered in order to guarantee a shelf life of 24 months.


The Biscotti extra virgin olive oil is decanted and has a delicate aroma and fine scent of olives without too strong aromatic notes. It is fruity with a slight hint of almonds. This oil settles out quickly and turns clear.


Even if the quality never changes, the flavour of our extra virgin olive oil can be slightly different from year to year, as a good natural product.